OK Glass, compile my code!

During the first edition of the DroidCon in Turin, I was asked to talk to people about a basic introduction on Google Glass SDK. In this speech, we covered mainly the web SDK, with a complete example ready to work on the wearable device.
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Pixel perfect is (not) the new black

While I was in Berlin, I met this amazing designer with whom I share most of my ideas about development, user interface and experience. This is how we created this talk: working together everyone can achieve many and greater things, without aiming to pixel perfect design... and this is exactly what the video above is about!
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Developing UX is your job!

I strongly believe developers can do a lot to improve the user experience of the apps they put on the Play Store: as advanced users on our own platform, we know how things work and what to avoid in order to furnish the best UX. Then, I decided to collect all the tips I experienced during my explorations on Android and share them.
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Crunching RxAndroid

During the first event of the Trendroid series by the GDG Turin, I was asked to talk about RxAndroid. I was very excited, as it was the first time I had the opportunity of talking about Reactive Programming.
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Android Wear: from zero to hero

Together with the GDG Turin, I had the pleasure of giving a workshop on Android Wear during the 2015 edition of Wearable Tech Torino 2015: it was amazing playing with Android Wear and all the people there!
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Bonjour Android, it's Zeroconf

I kept this talk at droidcon Turin 2016 about one of the least known network protocol, that is actually present almost everywhere! Check the slides!
Later, I gave this same talk also at Mobilization PL 2016 where the above video has been filmed (slides are the same, though).
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Android Dialogs

During the droidcon Turin 2016 I have been interviewed by Huyen Tue Dao for the Android Dialogs channel.
We talked about the community in Turin, the droidcon and the Zeroconf talking I was giving at the conference.

Wearable Droids for Human Beings

I kept this talk during the Google I/O Extended 2016 at the Talent Garden in Turin and it was about all the things we can do on Android Wear... before Wear 2.0!
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